UPDATE: RESCUED! [Urgent! 3 y/o in Burleson, TX — TWO DAYS]

UPDATE: Lolly is safe!

Lolly, the three year old female Komondor, was turned into the Burlesen Animal Services County Shelter in Burlesen, Texas because she was heartworm positive.

The staff at the shelter are to be commended. They reached out for rescue assistance, gave us time and, meanwhile, everyone there fell in love with her. It is a shelter where the county animal services brings stray dogs. They are overrun with dogs, as most shelters are, and cannot keep dogs for a long period of time.

Fortunately, Lolly has been pulled from the shelter and is going to a wonderful new Komondor home. She will get her heartworm treated and will have a new lease on life!

A very sweet 3 yr old komondor at Burleson animal Services in Burleson, TX. Turned in for heartworm, currently has an eye infection, but “she is a doll” according to staff. Unfortunately if we cannot find a home for her, they cannot keep her – she will be euthanized. She will be put down in 2 days, unless someone can get her out.

Please contact Ruth Keller at 610-942-7171 or komondor @ comcast.net.

Burleson City Animal Shelter
775 S.E. John Jones Road
Burleson, TX 76028

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