Pecan ‘Shep’ (Campbellsville, KY)

Meet Pecan ‘Shep’

Shepherd (Pecan) is generally a very chilled out guy. He loves coming inside and taking a nap on the couch. But as a livestock guardian dog breed, he can’t help that his protective instincts kick in when someone new shows up, or something out of the ordinary happens. He likes to alert the entire neighborhood if something is amiss, and he has a deep, loud bark that lets him accomplish this with ease. (This big guy doesn’t have an “inside voice”.) A furever family without children would be best for this guy (he can be nippy), and a home without close neighbors would let him bark to his heart’s content. He generally does well with other dogs, as long as they don’t try to boss him around. He hasn’t been tested with cats.

We think he is now about 6 ½ years old (Jan 2023), but we can’t be sure. He’s a big dog (about 85 pounds), but he should have been much larger. When he came into rescue, he was terribly underweight, his skin was a mess (sarcoptic mange), and his teeth were worn to nubs. And while we couldn’t fix his teeth, he’s done a great job of overcoming his other health issues.

He doesn’t take kindly to strangers, especially when they come into his home, and that may or may not change over time. So he needs a very understanding family, preferably with Komondor or other LGD experience. He will require time to adjust to a new home and new owners. If given the chance and the time, he is an amazing, loving, and loyal friend.

If interested in meeting or adopting Shep, please apply on our website at www.tgspca.org


Meet Pecan ‘Shep’

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