M.A.S.K.C. Rescue Information

Ruth Keller, M.A.S.K.C. Rescue Chairperson

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The Middle Atlantic Komondor Club is a non-profit 501(c)(5) organization that relies solely on donations. There are no charges for placement or any other assistance, and dogs are never bought or sold. If a Komondor is in a shelter, our Club will pay shelter release fees and special medical fees, if any, and arrange for transport to either a foster or a permanent home.

INFORMATION FOR SHELTERS: In a shelter, many Komondors are happy just to have someone care for them, but others may bark at people approaching their kennel and act unapproachable. That is a natural response for a livestock guardian in an unknown or fearful situation. They are not attack dogs and do not look for trouble, but can be very protective of their kennel. Even so, there is usually at least one person that the dog responds well to that can tend to the dog. That does not mean the dog has a bad temperament and that he cannot be placed. A Komondor in the wrong situation can be a nightmare for one person, and the same dog placed correctly can be the best thing that ever happened to someone else.

Sometimes owners will turn a dog into a shelter because it bit someone. Usually, it means that the dog got the upper hand over the owner and was allowed to be in charge or the dog was not properly socialized. Most of these dogs can be rehabilitated by going to a foster home that will work with the dog, teach him that humans have a higher place in the “pack”, and ultimately place him in either a (past or current) Komondor owner home or as working livestock guardian.

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