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Our blog is mostly Komondor Rescue, with a few fun links tucked in between. Here we list where we have rescue emergencies and success stories of Komondors who have found new forever homes!

Komondor Videos!

While trying to find where else “haromhegyi_11m 006.avi” might be shared, I stumbled upon “YouRepeat.com”. So many Komondor videos neatly tucked into Read More

The Daring Escape of the Misfit Menagerie

A new book featuring our breed, Rigby the Komondor, is one of the misfits in this Adventure children’s book (age 8+/grade 3+). “Smalls the sun bear and his friends are an unusual bunch. That’s why they’re known as the Misfit Menagerie. The four oddball animals live on Mr. Mumford’s farm, where they play games and do tricks for neighborhood children.

RDO 3221 Komondor

What the heck? The RDO-3221 NBC Komondor is a Hungarian armored NBC reconnaissance vehicle produced by the National Development Agency (NDA) “to encourage business innovation (CHOP 1.1.4-09)” the subject of contest winners announced Gamma Engineering Ltd. “vehicle, modular ballistic protection NBC reconnaissance vehicle development” has won support issue.

Biggest Dog In Camden, North London?

Found a fun photo and article today posted in the Camden New Journal. The photo was taken in Waterlow Park which is in Camden, a borough of North London. Too bad they did not identify the Komondor, instead writing more about the dog walker and his dog. Anyway, fun picture – beautiful Komondor.

Steve Welch & Associates – Beware!

Dogster Profile – Steve Welch & Associates http://www.dogster.com/local/CA/Lake_elsinore/Kennels/Steve_welch_and_associates-121462 RipoffReport.com – Steve Welch’s Dog Training – 7/28/2012 http://www.ripoffreport.com/steve-welch-s-dog-tr/animal-services/steve-welch-s-dog-training-ste-1F05A.htm ComplaintsBoard.com – Steve Welch Dog Read More