Komondor Watercolor On Tumblr

Found a fun Komondor photo this morning on Tumblr. Google Translate reads that this is a watercolor from an unknown painter in Texas, “A sheepdog waiting in front of the kiosk.” and mentions the name “Rachel Orban”. Guess this is the lady in the photo? Not sure how much Kikáltási price: 2000000 EUR translates to.

Komondor Painting

From the tumblr page of “Reblog like follow” (http://egyszavak.tumblr.com/)

Ismeretlen texasi festő-A komondor várja Orbán Ráhelt a trafik előtt


500 x 240 mm

Kikáltási ár: 2000000 euro

Image source: http://egyszavak.tumblr.com/post/49504824455/peterfromtexas-ismeretlen-texasi-festo-a

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