RESCUED: “Piper” in South Carolina

Piper is a very sweet 4 year old pure bred 81 lb female Komondor in South Carolina. She is housebroken and was rescued from a bad situation, living with two young children that teased her and otherwise were not kind to her. She does not like small children, but is great with everyone else. Piper has bonded with people, so she will not work out as a livestock guardian. If she is with another dog, that dog must be submissive and let her be the alpha dog, or they will not get along. She is fine with cats. Piper is affectionate, alert, and inquisitive, and will guard and stay by your side as she follows you around the house in the hopes you will stop and rub her belly.

If you are interested, please complete the adoption application form at https://komondorrescue.com/komondor-adoption-form/

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