Please Adopt “Harry” in CA — Adopted!

Harry is a five year old Komondor neutered male, currently in a foster home. He is up to date on all vaccines. He was turned into a shelter because he was very protective of the wife and daughter. When the husband came home during the night, he would bark furiously because this behavior was not corrected. The owners had to turn him in because the wife recently got a full time day, and a neighbor filed a complaint that Harry was howling all day when she was at work. He has no bite history, he was turned in for barking.

The past owners did not understand the breed  and how to raise a Komondor. He must have an experienced Komondor owner. He needs to gain confidence with an alpha owner (not a heavy handed one) that knows how to earn his respect and trust. He needs a firm but gentle hand.  Harry needs a home on the quieter side without a lot of activity with people coming and going. He has been well behaved with his foster mom and gets along well with other dogs. He loves to lie on his back for a tummy rub.

If you are interested in adoption, complete the adoption form on: www.KomondorRescue.com and send it to 

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