Meet Bunny!

Meet Bunny who lives in Florida and just LOVES the water! Enjoy these pictures of Audrey and Bunny on a recent trip to the beach. If these pictures don’t make you smile…

A note from Bunny’s guardian,

Bunny is 9 and will be 10 in February.  She joined our family when she was 1 year old.  We were shopping at one of the super market pet stores in Daytona for our two other rescue dogs and fish.  Bunny was at the door with her two humans.  Our daughters (elementary and middle school age) ran to her and fell in love.  The owners were looking for a new home for Bunny They were keeping her in the garage because their other dog (some little snot dog) was mean to Bunny.

When I made it to the Bunny Love Fest, I said “NO, Definitely not.  We do not need a third dog.”

My husband took their phone number and we picked Bunny up from their garage three days later. Best decision ever.

Audrey and Bunny go to New Smyrna Beach.  The pics are at the dog park at New Smyrna Beach.

Thanks for all you do for such a wonderful breed.

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Audrey is a talented musician,

Currently, Audrey is on a partial scholarship at The Florida State College of Music as a Jazz Performance major and studying under the finest Jazz musicians in the World and directly under Count Basie Orchestra feature soloist, Scotty Barnhart. As a first year member of FSU’s Marching Chiefs, Audrey was awarded the coveted “Rookie of the Year” award for outstanding performance in FSU’s World Renowned 400 member marching band, having been chosen from a field of over two hundred stellar first year band members!

Learn more about Audrey at www.audreyallgood.com

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