Remote Komondor

A new product has surfaced which uses our breed in their product branding, “Remote Komondor”. Not a remote for your Komondor, while I would prefer that sometimes for our girl, but an app for your Apple mobile device that turns it into a remote control for a computer. The product website, www.remotekomondor.com, showcases the many mobile devices which support this product, with a happy Komondor caricature to the right.

 “Remote Komondor is an application that turns your Wi-Fi enabled mobile device such as your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a remote control for your computer. Sit back on the sofa and control your favorite media player on your PC remotely from your iPhone.”

This application was developed by by Zsolt Anisics and is available in full and lite versions. Product description from iTunes:

Remote Komondor is a universal remote controller for your Windows based PC. The project consists of 2 distinct applications such as the Remote Komondor Desktop Application for Windows machine and the Remote Komondor Client for iPhone. The Remote Komondor Desktop application has the following 3 profiles: Media Player, Phone and Keypad. All the controlled applications can be categorized in these profiles. Currently, Remote Komondor for iPhone incorporates only the Media Player and the Keypad profiles. The Phone profile is a future plan for iPhone. Under the Hood
: The Media Player profile gives you the ability to attach to one of the supported media players and gives full control over it. Remote Komondor Desktop connects to the controlled software through its API. It controls the application and fetches all media information. The Keypad profile works as a keyboard emulation and sends pre-defined hotkey commands to the controlled application. Supported Applications:

 Windows Media Player 
VLC Player 
 Windows Media Center.

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