Urgent – Mufti, male, 5 y/o (3 days left in kill shelter)

Past rescue Mufti was surrendered to a local shelter, “The Animal Foundation” 655 N. Mohave Rd., 702-384-3333. Mufti’s kennel number is A1029043. He is very sweet and lived with 2 Chihuahua’s and they were all friends. He was a rescue, so his age is approx. 5 yrs. and he is neutered. He is small and only weighs 45 lbs. He hasn’t had exposure to cats. He gets along with all dogs except pitbulls which are a trigger. He is well socialized and gentle with children and people that come to visit. He is an alert and excellent guard dog.I feel he would do very well on a farm, etc.

Here’s some pics of him right after Mufti was adopted and he was shaved because his coat was mangled. I hope that you can help to place this dog before he is euthanized.

Please contact Audrey Fox at 610-668-8460