Taking your dog’s temperature

I have added this because I find that quite a few people do not take temperatures on their animals. Indeed, we usually do, but we were recently delinquent and when Bocs stopped eating, we didn’t check it for several days. When I finally called the vet, he asked what her temperature was, and we went and took it, and the poor old thing had a high fever! A week on an antibiotic has restored her appetite and her health. Remember that a dog’s normal temperature is probably between 101 and 102 degrees. We do not worry unless the fever is 103 or higher. You take the temperature rectally, and I highly recommend a rectal thermometer with a ring on the end. You put a string in this ring and tie a rather long loop in it, which means a) you can shake the thing down by twirling it by the string instead of shaking it down, and b) if for some reason the dog manages to retract the whole thing into its anus, you have a string to pull it out (gently) again. Don&’t laugh; this can happen! Really, if your dog is sick, it is wise to take its temperature before you call your vet, because that is probably the first thing he will ask you about.