Parasites and Diarrhea

Diarrhea is bad in any dog, but on a fully corded Komondor, it is a disaster. The very first thing to check is for parasites. I know one often forgets this, but in quite a few cases of persistent problems, the causes were parasites, usually whipworms, hookworms, giardia, or coccidiae. Sometimes if a dog has a really severe bout, the feces are so diluted that nothing turns up in the first specimen. You may have to have more than one check made. I think many of us forget to check stools on grown dogs; they can pick up parasites at any time, especially if they are exercised in areas where other dogs also relieve themselves. I remind you also that in many cases when a dog has a really severe bout of diarrhea, it takes a long time for his stomach to get back to normal. Do not be too quick to put him back on his usual diet. The prescription diet ID (Intestinal Diet) is a great help with this, but you must keep the dog on it for quite a while. By the way, Komondors say the dry form is much more palatable than the canned product. In 1996 we add a note that Hi-Tor makes an intestinal diet which you can get from regular pet supply places. It is called ENO and comes in both cans and kibble; it is cheaper than the standard Hill’s diets you have to get from your vet. By the way, in case of severe diarrhea or any time you think your dog is dehydrated, recipes for an electrolyte solution and some bland diets you can make yourself are in our Komondor Cookbook. Last year someone wrote about bad effects their Komondor had from taking metronidazole for diarrhea. This is now the drug of choice with many veterinarians, and we have used it with no bad side effects. Komondors (and probably other breeds as well) often react badly to either drugs or doses of drugs that most dogs tolerate well. You just have to be careful with any medication.