Ear Wash

Another item often requested, tested and sworn to by owners of dogs of all breeds is Dr. J.C. Blumenthal’s ear wash. Any dog is grouchy if he has a sore ear or ears. Check your Komondor’s ears routinely. In case of trouble, the Levys give you advice that has served us here well over the years. Here is Dr. Blumenthal’s ear wash, and instructions.

If your Komondor scratches his ears or shakes his head a lot, be sure to look in his ears, and see if they are inflamed, tender, or have a brown discharge. A badly affected ear will also have a characteristic bad smell. If the ear is full of hair, pull out as much as you can. You can use fingers, tweezers, forceps, or even pliers for this. Just after you have pulled hair out, and/or when the ear is tender, use panalog in the ear twice a day for a couple of days until the ear is no longer angry. Then use the following ear wash to clean out the ear twice daily until it is clean and sweet-smelling. To use the ear wash, which is easiest to handle in a bottle with a small pouring spout, shake it well and pour about a teaspoon or two into one ear at a time. With your hand cupped behind the ear, massage it gently for a minute — you will hear the liquid squish around in the canal. Do both ears this way before you let the dog shake his head. (Best to do this outside!) Results are seen in only a few days. The ingredients are:

Boric Acid Powder
Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing alcohol)
Gentian Violet
A four-ounce bottle
In a four-ounce bottle put 1 1/4 teaspoons of boric acid powder and a few drops of dye. The most generally available dye is gentian violet. Fill the bottle with isopropyl alcohol. All ingredients can be had at your local grocery store or drugstore. If you make it in quantity, use brown bottles (available from your pharmacist), but I do prefer the bottle with the narrow tip for application. These are also available from the pharmacist. If you spill it on the dog’s coat it will be lavender, but it wears off quickly. Other appropriate dyes, though harder to get, are trypan blue and malachite green.