Komondors, especially old ones, get a lot of cysts. They are usually not malignant. Your veterinarian should advise you about them, of course, but the usual advice, when the Vet feels sure they are not malignant, is to ignore them unless they are in a place where they get irritated constantly or they are very unsightly or they open on their own and do not heal. Mammary tumors are more often malignant, and these must be removed. Whether radiation after surgery is indicated is a matter between you and your Vet. If your Komondors has to be anesthetized for some reason, check the cysts beforehand, and perhaps your Vet can remove them when he is doing some other procedure. If our dogs have to be anesthetized for any reason we also ask the vet to clean their teeth while they are unconscious. It is also a good idea to ask that the dogs nails be clipped way back while they are unconscious.