Cooper, 11 m/o, spayed (South Carolina)

Cooper, female rescue Komondor in South Carolina

Cooper is a female Komondor, about a year and a half years old (January 2023). She is spayed, up-to-date on all on all medicals, she is approx. 100 pounds, not corded. Cooper came to us approximately 6 months ago as a foster. Her owner had a medical emergency and could not provide for her at that time. We decided that foster with reunification as the end goal was the best interest for her. Sadly, for health reasons her owner cannot take her back. Cooper is in South Carolina at this time. She is inside/outside mostly inside. We live on a small farm, with cows, chickens and a pig. We have children under the age of 8, she is socially aware she meets and greets strangers well at Walmart and Lowes as well as at pet big box stores. She rides well and enjoys camping with her foster family.

She opens doors and let’s herself out to potty. We have had no accidents at this time.

She is addicted to paper in the trash. We are working on this. She walks well on a lead by herself and with the other dogs. She like to lead the pack. She needs more obedience training and socialization.

Please fill out the adoption form on komondorrescue.com or on maskc.org and mail it to 

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