Mookie (now Mufti) in Las Vegas, NV

Update – August 1, 2018
“Mookie” is now “Mufti” and has a forever home and a forever mom! We wish mom and Mufti the best! Thanks again Audrey for helping unite them, and thanks for sending us these great photos.
*** UPDATE ***
“Mookie” has been rescued! Thank you to Audrey Fox who shared our post and worked with her friends to save him. I just received the following text:
Greetings MASKC! My friend just picked up Mookie from the Mohave Rescue. She will foster him. He’s getting groomed tomorrow. She has two little dogs and a yard with a dog door and would make a great home. I am praying all works out. I’m so glad to assist! Oxo♡


This poor boy was picked up by animal control wandering the streets of Las Vegas in the high heat. We are told the vet estimated his age to be about three (3) and in good health. He has a fabulous temperament, is very well socialized, and shows no signs of aggression around other dogs.

He is in a pound and time is of the essence. Please help him, if you are in the area.

The chairperson of MASKC Rescue, Ruth Keller,  can be reached at 

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