Komondor Rescue: Abandoned, LGD, M&F (Mansfield, MO) – RESCUED!

4/25/15  Update: RESCUED! We have found a wonderful home for both!

These two Komondors (male and female) in MO desperately need homes. They will be neutered and spayed before placement.

They were guarding goats and were abandoned by the property renters. They are both young and need socialization. They are large dogs must have and experienced Komondor home or LGD home, with a yard with a 6’ fence.

We are in Mansfield, MO. They were outside with goats; now they are in the backyard. I don’t think that they were ever groomed, their cords are a mess and they are very weary of people.

Please complete the adoption application form at www.komondorrescue.com.

Mansfield, MO
Mansfield, MO

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