Rescue Success! Meet Hawser!

From Kill Shelter to Loving Home!

Just before Christmas we learned of an approximately nine-month old male Komondor puppy that was dumped in a kill shelter in Richmond, Virginia. He was pulled the day he was due to be euthanized, saved by For the Love of Poodles Rescue of Richmond, VA 

(thank you!!!). They had him neutered, updated on all of his shots, and had his matted-to-the-skin coat shaved, then they contacted our club’s rescue.

It is apparent by his initial behavior and responses that he was abused by a man, but he is now doing remarkably well in a loving home.  He is very, very sweet and despite the abuse shows no aggression. His new family is a perfect match. Within a week he was potty trained, goes to the door to go out, is crate trained, and loves car rides to “doggie day camp” where he gets training and socializing. He has new friends, both the two legged and four legged variety! Hawser’s also loves to chew elk antlers!

Hawser’s new family writes, “Thank you again for helping make all this possible. Our family feels complete again.”

Meet Hawser!
Meet Hawser!
Meet Hawser!

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