I want to thank people for their interest in adopting Leela and Barley. Their owner relocated to KY and decided to place them in a home nearby, rather than turn them over to the Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club rescue and have them go to a home some distance away. However, I am very happy to report that the owner allowed our Club to pay for having both girls spayed before placement and both dogs are now up to date on vaccines. I especially want to thank Grants Lick Veterinary Hospital for all they did for both dogs and for assisting our Club Rescue.

Ruth Keller

Rescue Chair

Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club

We need to find home(s) for two female Komondors, ages 3 & 6. They reside near Baltimore, Maryland. Please contact  for more information.

I have two female Koms that sadly I have to find a new home for. One is turning 3 years old on June 1st and the other one is around 6 years old (rescued her from a shelter). Leela, the 3 year old, is good with other dogs/cats and good with kids, she is hyper as most puppies are. Barley, the 6 year old, would be best in a home without other dogs; she was mistreated in her last home and so she has some food aggression but she is calm and really lovable just as long as the other dogs don’t go around her food. We are located in Maryland.





leela and barley

Leela & Barley


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