Hey guys!! (pant pant) Wait up!! (pant) Daddy’s coming!!

This morning’s search of the web for Komondor news brought me to a personal blog by the mother of twins, “Pile of Babies”. A rather disturbing blog post title “If that dog could talk, he’d probably rape you.” is actually a list of ten dog breeds and who she imagines they would be if they were a person. Our breed makes number eight. Silly, and hope it brings you a laugh.

8. The Komondor

If the Komondor was a person, he would be that Dad who tries to keep up with his kids at the park even though he may pass out at any second. Often heard saying, “Hey guys!! (pant pant) Wait up!! (pant) Daddy’s coming!!”

Happy Father’s Day!

Read the complete list of ten here:


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